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Number Problems Solved Questions (Page 9 of 15)

Question 1

If 1000 times of a number X is (100-X) more than X. Then what will be X?

a) 10 b) 1/10 c) 2/5 d) 3/20

Answer : b) 1/10

Solution :

Given that, the number is X.
Then, 1000X = X + (100-X)
1000X = 100
X = 100/1000 = 1/10.
Hence the required number is 1/10.

Question 2

If you multiply a number by 500, the result will exceed the number by the sum of the number and 4990/23. Then the number is:

a)10/23 b)12/23 c)20/23 d)30/23

Answer : a)10/23

Solution :

Let X be the number.
Then 500X = X + 4990/23
499X = 4990/23
X = 4990/23 x 1/499 = 10/23

Question 3

If you divide a number by the result which obtained by multiplying the number by 120, the answer is 1/120. Then the number is:

a) 100 b) 1 c) 10 d) data inadequate

Answer : d) data inadequate

Solution :

Let X be the number.
Then X/120X = 1/120 which does not give the accurate answer.
Then some more data are need to find the answer.
Hence the answer is option d.

Question 4

If 333 times of a number is 1665 more than 222 times of the number then the number is:

a) 125 b) 25 c) 15 d) 75

Answer : c) 15

Solution :

Let X be the number.
333 times of X = 333X
222 times of X = 222X
333X = 222X + 1665
111X = 1665
x = 1665/111 = 15

Number Problems Solved Questions (Page 9 of 15)

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