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Number Problems Solved Questions (Page 7 of 15)

Question 1

Subtracting 35% of a number from the number we get the result as 99 9/20 then the number is:

a) 168 b) 159 c) 153 d) 172

Answer : c)153

Solution :

Let X be the number.
Then the 35% of the number is 35X/100.
And the Subtraction of 35% of the number from the number is X - 35X/100 = 65X/100.
65X / 100 = 99 9/20
65X / 100 = 1989/20
65X = 198900/20 = 9945
X = 9945/65 = 153
Hence the required number is 153.

Question 2

The number which when added five-third times to itself gives 216 then the number is:

a) 81 b) 36 c) 42 d) 93

Answer : a)81

Solution :

Let the number be X.
Five-third of X = 5X / 3
Given that when added five-third times to itself gives 216
i.e., 5X/3 + X = 8X/3 = 216
8X = 648
X = 81
Hence the required answer is 81.

Question 3

A number exceeds 50 by 72%, then the number obtained is:

a) 26 b) 46 c) 66 d) 86

Answer: d)86


Let the number be X.
Given that the number exceeds 50 by 72%.
i.e., X = 50 + 50 x 72/100
X = 50 + 36 = 86
Hence the required answer is 86.

Question 4

If a number when divided by 6 is reduced by 30 then the number is

a) 16 b) 36 c) 56 d) 76

Answer: b)36


Let the number be X.
Given that X is reduced by 30 when divided by 6.
i.e., X/6 = X - 30
X = 6X - 180
-5X = -180
X = 36
Hence the required number is 36.

Number Problems Solved Questions (Page 7 of 15)

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