Marketing Questions For SBI

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Below are given marketing related questions.

Question 1
Which option is used to identify the selling skills ?

a) Amount of Profit earned

b) Number of sales in Product

c) Achieving Target

d) All the above

Answer : d) All the above

Question 2
Macro Sales Forecasting means _____ .

a) Analysing with both existing and future market demand.

b) Analysing only with future market demand.

c) Analysing only with existing market demand.

d) None of these.

Answer : a) Analysing with both existing and future market demand.

Question 3
According to marketing context, Lead means _____ .

a) purchasing the product

b) individual or organisation interest in products or services

c) reaching target in sales

d) promoting the product

Answer : b) individual or organisation interest in products or services

Question 4
In marketing, USB stands for ____ .

a) Unique Selling Propositions

b) Unique Selling Product

c) Unique Sale Product

d) Useful Selling Product

Answer : a) Unique Selling Propositions

Question 5
Among the following options which is an example of B2C ?

a) Computer

b) Chip

c) Online Shopping

d) Travelling

Answer : c) Online Shopping

Question 6
An individual or a business firm selling the product in large quantities to buyer is ______ .

a) Retailer

b) Wholesaler

c) Agent

d) Conusmer

Answer : b) Wholesaler

Question 7
The business formed for a limited period of operation is _____ .

a) Joint Venture

b) Trust

c) Limited Liability Company

d) Sole Proprietorship

Answer : a) Joint Venture

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