Logical Reasoning Questions For RBI Exam

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Below are given reasoning questions for your practice to prepare for bank exams.

In the below questions, relationship between different elements are shown in the statements. Each statement is followed by two conclusions. Give answer

(a) if only conclusion I is true.
(b) if only conclusion II is true.
(c) if either conclusion I or II is true.
(d) if neither conclusion I nor II is true.
(e) if both conclusions I and II are true.

Question 1

Statements : S > J < U; J > R

Conclusions :
I. R < S
II. U > R

Answer : a) only conclusion I is true.

Reason :

These type of questions are simple and easy to solve.

S > J < U .... (1)
J > R .... (2)

The first conclusion is R < S. From I and II we have,

S > J > R = S > R or R < S is true

The second conclusion is U > R. From I and II we have,

R < J > U. So U > R is not true.

Hence conclusion I is true.

Question 2

Statements : W > G = N < K >Y

Conclusions :
I. Y < G
II. G < K

Answer : b) only conclusion II is true.

Reason :

Conclusion I is Y < G, from the statement we can say

G < K > Y so not true. (Since G = N, G should also be < K)

Conclusion II is G < K,

From G = N < K, we can say G < K which is true.

Question 3

Statements : A > J >= K = S > L

Conclusions :
I. J > L
II. K < A

Answer : e) both conclusions I and II are true.

Reason :

Conclusion I is J > L. From the statements J > = S > L, So J > L is true.

Conclusion II is K < A. From the statements we can say A > K which is also true.

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