IBPS PO Exam Sample Encode Decode Questions

Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
In a certain code language, ‘cricket is interesting game’ is written as ‘la ni ki chu’, ‘cricket team have eleven players’ is written as ‘tic ra la dha da’, ‘team India play fair game’ is written as ‘su tic va yi chu’, and ‘India eleven is powerful’ is written as ‘ju ki su da’.

Question 1

What is the code for ‘Powerful’?

a) ju b) ki c) su d) da e) None of these

Answer : a) ju.

The word powerful is appearing in the sentence ‘India eleven is powerful’. If we find out the code for powerful or other words in this sentence by comparing with other sentences and codes then we can fix the code.

cricket is interesting game la ni ki chu ... (i)
cricket team have eleven players tic ra la dha da ... (ii)
team India play fair game su tic va yi chu ... (iii)
India eleven is powerful ju ki su da ... (iv)

From (i) and (ii), cricket la
From (i) and (iii), game chu
From (ii) and (iv), eleven da
From (iii) and (iv), India su
From (i) and (iv), is ki
Now, from (iv), powerful ju
From (i), interesting ni
From (ii) and (iii), team tic

So, from (iii), play fair va yi
From (ii), have player ra dha

India is coded as su
Eleven is coded as da
Is coded as ki
So the other word ‘powerful’ will be coded as ‘ju’

Question 2

Which of the following may be the code for ‘this game have eleven players’?

a) chu va mic ra dha b) dha ray i chu zo c) pit chu da dha ra
d) ra si nic dha chu e) None of these

Answer : c) pit chu dad ha ra

The code for this - pit
Game - chu
Have players – ra dha
Eleven - da

Other options do not have the codes known for ‘game have player eleven’.
So c) is the answer.

Question 3

What is the code for ‘play’?

a) yi b) su c) va d) tic e) Cannot be determined

Answer : e) Cannot be determined

Question 4

What does ‘chu’ stand for?

a) team b) game c) India d) is e) None of these

Answer : b) game

We can arrive this by comparison of words with codes as given above.

Question 5

Which of the following is the code for ‘cricket India play fair interesting’?

a) sa la ju ni va b) ni va ju la yi
c) la ni tic su yi d) yi su la va ni
e) None of these

Answer : d) ni va ju la yi.

cricket = la
India = su
play = va
fair = yi
interesting = ni

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