Find Correct Codes For Words

In bank exams, questions can be asked on encoding and decoding words. Below are few sample questions.

Question 1

In a particular encoding scheme, if 'BELGIUM' is denoted by a code 'DGNIKWO', how 'CHENNAI' will be coded?


Answer : c. EJGPPCK

Let us try to find out the relation between 'BELGIUM' and its code 'DGNIKWO'

Considering alphabets order, D occurs to the second right of B, G occurs to the second right of E and so on. Proceeding in a similar way, the code for 'CHENNAI' will be 'EJGPPCK'.

Question 2

In a language, if 'DENMARK' is coded as 'CFMNZSJ', then how 'EUROPE' will be coded in the same language.


Answer : d. DVQPOF

Let us compare the word 'DENMARK' and its code 'CFMNBQL'. C occurs to the left of D, F occurs to the right of E, M occurs to the left of N, N occurs to the right of M and so on.
Proceeding in a similar manner, the code for 'EUROPE' will be 'DVQPOF'

Question 3

If 'DELHI' is coded as 'DFLII', how 'HYDERABAD' will be coded?


Answer : a. HZDFRBBBD

Comparing 'DELHI' and its code 'DFLII', we can find that the letters in odd positions i.e D,L and I are maintained, while the letters in even positions namely E and H are replaced by the immediate right neighbours. (E is replaced with F and H is replaced with I)

Therefore, 'HYDERABAD' will be coded as 'HZDFRBBBD'

Question 4

If 'COCHIN' is encoded as 'WKWRQL', how 'KASARAGOD' will be encoded?


Answer : a. OYGYHYSKV

Let us compare 'COCHIN' and its code 'WKWRQL'
C occurs at 3rd position in alphabets list. W occurs at 26-3 = 23rd position
O occurs at 15th position. K occurs at 26-15 = 11th position
and so on...

If we follow the same method, the code for 'KASARAGOD' will be 'OYGYHYSKV'

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