Computer Related Acronym Questions

Dear Reader, Below are 4 practice computers based acronym questions.

Question 1

Nowadays, drawings and other technical designs in fields like constructions, automobile industries etc are performed using computer softwares. Usage of such softwares is referred to as ____

a. CAL b. CAD c. CAM d. CAE

Answer : b. CAD

(Computer Aided Design)

Question 2

How Providers like Airtel, BSNL, Reliance etc which help subscribers with internet access are called?

a. ISP b. ISDN c. ISO d. ISSL

Answer : a. ISP

(Internet Service Provider)

Question 3

When a computer program is used to read a file, it should skip a line and pass to next line when ___ is encountered

a. EOD b. EOF c. EOL d. EOE

Answer : c. EOL

(End Of Line)

Question 4

__ refers to a stateless protocol predominantly used to serve pages on internet.

a. HTTP b. FTP c. HTML d. SFTP

Answer : a. HTTP

(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)

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