Check If Inferences Are Implicit

Dear Reader, Below are 3 questions each with a statement. Following each statement two inferences/conclusions will be given. You will have to find whether each one of them is implicit based on the statement. Answer a if first inference alone is implicit, answer b if second inference is alone implicit, answer c if either of the inferences is implicit, answer d if neither of the inferences is implicit and answer e if both are implicit.

Question 1

Statement : "Kerala has the highest literacy rate in the whole of India while most other states in India lack schools and related infrastructure"

I. Kerala has good number of schools and necessary related infrastructure
II. Employment rate in Kerala is the highest in India.

Options : a,b,c,d,e

Answer : a (only inference I is implicit)

Reason : Inference I is straightforward and obvious based on the statement. However, conclusion II states about employment rates being high in Kerala. But the statement doesn't mention anything about employment rate. Hence only I is implicit.

Question 2

Statement : "A Cricket team with few talented individuals may not always win. But a team with average players who perform well as a team is more consistent."

I. A Cricket team only with few talented individuals will lose.
II. Playing as a team is more important than individual records.

Options : a,b,c,d,e

Answer : b (Only II is implicit)

The statement indicates that playing as a team is more important than individual talents and achievements.

Question 3

Statement : "Gold is considered a safe investment during economic slowdown. But the investment is passive in nature"

I. People turn to gold during recession times.
II.Gold unlike investing in business is passive in nature

Options : a,b,c,d,e

Answer : e

Investing in gold is considered safe. But investment in business provides real value to the clients/customers of the business. But investment in gold is stored passively. Hence, both the inferences are implicit.

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