Achieve Big In IBPS 2017: Know Your Salary If You Become PO/Clerk


Dear Reader, IBPS RRB, PO, and Clerk exams begin in 4-5 months (RRB in September; PO in October). You will be eager to crack the exams to fulfill your dream of getting a Government job. You already know that Govt jobs are very secure. You will find it interesting to note that the salary for bank jobs is attractive compared to many private sectors.

After reading this post, you will know the salary you will get if you crack the exams (and get placed). You will find the details for the two main job roles, Clerk and PO. (We compiled this information based on credible newspaper/online sources.)

IBPS PO Salary:

You will be surprised to note that the salary for PO roles is higher compared to the entry level pay of even the much-hyped IT companies.

The gross salary (including basic pay and important allowances) amounts to Rs. 36,570 per month. (This figure is based on the 10th Bipartite Agreement.) This salary doesn’t include the HRA allowance. The HRA allowance is Rs. 2133. Once added, the gross goes up to Rs. 38,703.

IBPS Clerk Salary:

The salary for Clerk role is only slightly lower than that of PO. Moreover, there are ways you can join as Clerk and get promoted as PO based on internal exams/interviews.

The gross salary (including basic pay, HRA and allowances) amounts to Rs. 19,472 (just slightly lesser than Rs. 20,000). Without HRA the salary would be Rs. 18,413. There could be slight variations based on the place of posting.

For RRB (Rural Banks), the salary figures will be similar with slight variations (for similar roles).

By this time, you should be convinced that the salary structure of Banks is attractive compared to the entry level pay of many other sectors. This is another good reason to work hard towards your dream.

IBPS Exams 2017 are starting in 4-5 months. Prepare well and make use of the opportunity.

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