Bank Awareness Questions To Prepare For SBI PO Exams

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Question 1

In banking, CORE stands for _____ .

a) Centralized Online Real-Time Exchange

b) Centre for Online Real Exchange

c) Centralized Online Real Time Express

d) Centre for Online Real Express

Answer : a) Centralized Online Real-Time Exchange

Question 2

NABARD was established in the year _____ .

a) 1978

b) 1985

c) 1982

d) 1974

Answer : c) 1982

Question 3

The Chairperson of National Advisory Council (NAC) is ______.

a) Manmohan Singh

b) Sonia Gandhi

c) Chidambaram

d) None of these

Answer : b) Sonia Gandhi

Question 4

The headquarter of World Bank is in _______ .

a) Canada

b) London

c) Italy

d) Washington

Answer : d) Washington

Question 5

Among the following which is the largest public sector Bank of India ?

a) Canara Bank

b) Indian Bank

c) SBI

d) IOB

Answer : c) SBI

Question 6

Among the following which is the safest card for transaction ?

a) Visa

b) Maestro

c) Master

d) None of these

Answer : b) Maestro

Question 7

FRBM stands for ______.

a) Fiscal Responsibility & Budget Management

b) First Responsibility & Budget Management

c) Fiscal Responsibility & Budget Managerial

d) First Response & Budget Management

Answer : a) Fiscal Responsibility & Budget Management

Question 8

India Millennium deposit Scheme was introduced by _____.


b) SBI

c) Axis

d) IOB

Answer : b) SBI

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