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Average Problems Solved Questions (Page 3 of 3)

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Below are four problems on average calculations.

Question 1
There are 36 boys and 44 girls in a class. The average score of boys is 40 points and girls is 35 points. Then what will be the average score of the class?

a) 37.25 points b) 28.95 points c) 35.5 points d) 40.04 points

Answer : a) 37.25 points


Average score of 36 boys = 40 points
Total score of 36 boys = 36 x 40 = 1440
Average score of 44 girls = 35 points
Total score of 44 girls = 35 x 44 = 1540

Total score of(36+44)80 Students = 1440 + 1540 = 2980 points
Average score of the whole class = (2980 / 80) = 37.25
Hence the required answer is 37.25 points.

Question 2

The average weight of kids in a home is 16 kg and adults is 35 kg. Find the average weight of all the person in home.

a) 25.5 kg b) 25 kg c) none of these d) cannot be determined

Answer : d) cannot be determined

Solution :

From the question, we can say that the data given is inadequate because the number of adults or kids is not mentioned in the question.

Question 3

The average weight of 15 girls in a group is 24 kg when a new girl included the average weight increases by 2. What is the weight of the new girl ?

a) 56 kg b) 28 kg c) 34 kg d) none of these

Answer : a) 56 kg

Solution :

Average weight of 15 girls = 24 kg
Total weight of 15 girls = 24 x 15 = 360 kg

Average after including a new girl = 24 + 2 = 26 kg
Total weight of 16 girls = 26 x 16 = 416 kg
Weight of the new girl = Total weight of 16 girls - Total weight of 15 girls = 416 - 360 = 56 kg
Hence the required answer is 56 kg.

Question 4

The average age of five members is 27. If one of them is excluded the average decreases by 2. The age of excluded person is:

a) 40 b) 35 c) 28 d) 38

Answer : b) 35

Solution :

Average age of five members is 27
Total age = 27 x 5 = 135
After excluding one person, the new average = 27 - 2 = 25
New total age = 25 x 4 = 100
Then the age of excluded person = Total age - New total age
= 135 - 100
= 35.
Hence the required answer is 35.

Average Problems Solved Questions (Page 3 of 3)

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