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Question 1

The area of two circles are 3850 m2 and 616 m2 respectively. What is the difference between the circumference of the two circles?

a)138 m b)132 m c)128 m d)122 m

Answer : b)132 m

Solution :

Area of circle1 (pi)r2 = 3850
r2 = 3850 x 7/22 = 1225
r = 35m
Circumference of circle1 = 2(pi)r = 2 x 22/7 x 35 = 220m

Area of circle2 (pi)R2 = 616 m2
R2 = 616 x 7/22 = 196
R = 14
Circumference of circle2 = 2(pi)R = 2 x 22/7 x 14 = 88m
Difference = 220m - 88m = 132m.

Question 2

The perimeter of two equilateral triangles are 24 m and 36 m respectively. What is the difference between the area of the larger triangle and the smaller triangle?

a)34.64 m2 b)36.64 m2c)32.64 m2 d)30.64 m2

Answer : a)34.64 m^2

Solution :

Let a be the side of 1st triangle.
Area = [sqrt3/4] x a2 and perimeter = 3a.
Perimeter of 1st triangle 3a = 24m and a = 8m
Area1 = [sqrt3/4] x a2
[sqrt3/4] x 82
= 1.732 x 16 m2

Perimeter of 2nd triangle 3A = 36m and A = 12m.
Area2 = [sqrt3/4] x 122
= 1.732 x 36 m2

Required difference = 1.732 x 36 m2 - 1.732 x 16 m2 = 1.732(36-16) = 1.732 x 20 m2 = 34.64 m2

Question 3

The area of two squares are 196 m2 and 81 m2 respectively. What is the difference between the perimeter of two squares?

a)15 m b)17 m c)19 m d)20 m

Answer : d)20 m

Solution :

Let a and A be the sides of given two squares.
Then a2 = 196 m2 and a = 14 m
Perimeter = 4a = 14 x 4 = 56m

And A2 = 81m2 and A = 9 m.
Perimeter = 4A = 9x4 = 36m
Required difference = 56m - 36m = 20m

Question 4

The circumference of two parallelograms each with four sides of equal length and angles of equal size is 84m and 68m respectively. What is the difference between the area of such parallelograms?

a)150 b)151 c)152 d)153

Answer : c)152

Solution :

Note that, a parallelogram with four sides of equal length and angles of equal size is a square.
If a be the side of a square then its circumference is 4a.
Given that, the circumference of two squares are 84m and 68m.
Then, Length of each sides are 21m and 17m.
Area are 212 = 441 m2 and 172 = 289 m2 respectively.
Required difference = 152.

Area Problems Solved Questions (Page 5 of 7)

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