Analogy Questions To Prepare For IBPS Exams

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Below are given analogy questions which you can expect in all bank exams.

Question 1

Energy : Joule : : Pressure : ?

a) Newton b) Candela c) Pascal d) Ampere

Answer : c) Pascal

Reason : Energy is measured by Joule whereas Pressure is measured by Pascal

Question 2

Sheep : Flock : : Chicken : ?

a) Crew b) Shoal c) Swarm d) Brood

Answer : d) Brood

Reason : Group of sheep's are Flock whereas group of chickens are Brood.

Question 3

China : Yuan : Kuwait : ?

a) Lira b) Dinar c) Dollar d) Pesta

Answer : b) Dinar

Reason : The Second one refers to the currency used by the First.

Question 4

Nun : Convent : : Soldier : ?

a) Barracks b) Palace c) Mansion d) Carvan

Answer : a) Barracks

Reason : Nun lives in Convent whereas Soldier lives in Barracks

Question 5

Gardener : Harrow : : Blacksmith : ?

a) Spade b) Plough c) Anvil d) Axe

Answer : c) Anvil

Reason : Gardener uses Harrow whereas Blacksmith uses Anvil

Question 6

Shoes : Leather :: ?

a) Clock : Needle b) Laboratory : Hospital

a) Building : Engineer d) Fabric : Yarn

Answer : d) Fabric : Yarn

Reason : Second one refers to the raw material used to make the first (Product)

Question 7

Phycology : Algae : : Selenography: ?

a) Fungi b) Moon c) Star d) Planets

Answer : b) Moon

Reason : Phycology is the study of Algae whereas Selenography is the study of Moon

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