4 Odd Man Out Question To Prepare For RBI Exam

Dear Reader,
Below are certain pairs of words are given, out of which the words in all the pairs bear a certain common relationship. Choose the pair in which the words are differently related.

Question 1

a) Bees : Swarm

b) Fish : Shoal

c) Sheep : Lamb

d) Chicken : Brood

Answer : c) Sheep : Lamb

Reason : Except c) In all other pairs, Second one denotes the group of first one (i.e., Group of bees is called as swarm), Where as in c) Lamb refers the young one of sheep.

Question 2

a) Blacksmith : Anvil

b) Labourer : Spade

c) Warrior : Sword

d) Sailor : Ship

Answer : d) Sailor : Ship

Reason : In all pairs, Second one is the tool used by first. While in d) second one refers the working place of the first word.

Question 3

a) Vacant : Empty

b) Sink : Float

c) Deep : Shallow

d) Best : Worst

Answer : a) Vacant : Empty

Reason : Except a) all other pairs contains opposite of the first word (i.e., Float is the opposite of sink).
But in option a) Empty is the meaning of the word Vacant. Hence option a) is the odd one.

Question 4

a) Book: Chapter

b) Shoes : Leather

c) House: Room

d) Aeroplane: Cockpit

Answer : b) Shoes : Leather

Reason : Except b) In all other pairs, second one denotes the part of first(i.e.,chapter is a part of book). But in option b) Leather is the raw material used to make shoe.

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